Airline passengers are pushing each other’s buttons more than ever, mostly because there are more buttons than ever to push
I first heard about deep linking while building my own app, One Day Gym Pass, which lets you buy day passes to nearby gyms. I came up with an idea: Wouldn't it be cool if we partnered with fitness-tracking apps to acquire users? I quickly learned that the infrastructure required for such a cross-app partnership is pretty tough to build.
For those items you take or purchase and end up not needing, try to reuse them before trashing them. It's a little hobby I like to call Upcycling.
The button has long been a favoured, decorative feature in fashion for both men and women, with the pearl button adding exclusivity and desirability to garments for both.
It has been nine months since former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) put his megaphone down, stopped talking about the "moral