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Division and diversion help the one percent capture government, securing policies that further enrich the rich, like trickle-down economics under which no benefits ever actually descend, bailouts for Wall Street but not Main Street and job-destroying trade deals like NAFTA and the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership.
I'm happy to be celebrating manufacturing and Made in America. Heck, I do it every day. But I must admit: I get a bit aggravated by politicians who readily treat factory workers and their hardhats as political props but fail to deliver on public policies.
'Buy American' would be gutted, and American jobs lost, under the TPP, the sweeping "trade" deal that President Obama says he wants to sign this year with 11 Pacific Rim nations.
Economics 101, Europe's austerity experiment and the experience of history all tell us that cutting government is contractionary policy. This is the time to invest, and the investment returns will pay for the investment and more.
Like Issa, Wyden spent much of 2011 opposing new intellectual property standards from the Stop Online Piracy Act that Internet
Issa -- who endeared himself to the tech community in 2011 by speaking out against the Stop Online Piracy Act -- is again
Public interest groups also worry that the same trade policies that could ban Buy American breaks will also prevent the U.S
Citizens of all political stripes have wondered what this Congress has been up to. Here is a quick recap.
An American child born today will grow up in a world where her nation's long held claim to economic supremacy will be challenged
India is building infrastructure and encouraging private enterprise. The US should invest and partner, not ignore and protect. We run the risk of becoming less relevant in Southeast Asia -- and the world.
Four Democratic Senators want to ensure that tax dollars are creating clean energy manufacturing jobs in America, not China. Now, they are under vigorous attack by the Obama Administration and multinational companies, many of whom have heavily subsidized operations in Europe and Asia.
Steele's criticism is interesting because stimulus money going to overseas firms was the direct result of conservative opposition to attempts to keep that money in America
Obama's plan to unveil tonight a non-defense discretionary spending freeze for the next three years will essentially forfeit America's growth future to China. The President, one year into his job, and still dealing with the tail winds of the worst economic disaster in global markets and the U.S. economy since the Great Depression, is saying that he is going to freeze spending on virtually everything but the wars we have on hand. America needs to invest in itself.
The president's time is limited, and he's got no time like a member of Congress for hit-and-run needs. He has to lead for the real needs of the country.
If the Obama administration has a strategy for reviving manufacturing, Douglas Bartlett would like to know what it is. Buffeted
This is the untold story of protectionism: the barriers that other governments erect to block American goods and the mercantilist measures they utilize to gain market share in the U.S.
It's time to end the intolerant theocracy of free trade and usher in a responsible dialogue about what works and what doesn't work. Get out of the gutter and into the debate.
The European Union warned the United States today that attempts to enshrine "Buy America" conditions in the country's economic