The veteran journalist, who waged a long press-freedom battle, is taking a buyout as part of the newsroom's reorganization.
When an animal eats a vegetable it transfers the latter's power to itself though they occupy different categories. That's what good acquisitions do. It's what conventional mergers don't.
But for all the exciting news in the capital markets, finance experts and antitrust economists warn those big deals can come
Companies offering severance packages have generally sold the concept of lifetime employment concept. They are not places that fire employees without warning.
Deal rumor reporting recently hit a new high -- or is it low? -- a few weeks back when the Wall Street Journal put out a story on what it called "The Big One."
On May 11 it was announced that DynCorp International has appointed Ashley Vanarsdall Burke as Senior Director, Media Communications.
First, it is Sara Palin and her deal with Fox (and in the interest of full disclosure, my book "Bulletproof Your Job" is
So then the call ends...Conan thanks me and hangs up. Oh, then Jeff Zucker calls thanks me for coaching Conan...picks up
To me, the words "buyout" and "package" are white-collar slight of hand. It's is a dirty trick of smoke and mirrors.