What’s wrong with expecting makeup companies to include black bloggers in their PR campaigns? Or Marvel Comics marketing
It's early on a Saturday morning, and the brand-new Spotify headquarters in New York's Flatiron District are bustling with
"Study after study has shown that consolidation limits opportunities for diversity on the airwaves," he said in a statement
HOUSTON — As a partner and chief diversity officer at Thompson & Knight, Pauline Higgins was not afraid to press the issue
We all know the power women have to change the world in dynamic ways. From Beyonce’s consistent advocacy for girls to Ursula
The report's silver lining -- confidence and optimism -- stands in stark contrast to debt, however, which 94 percent of African
Black Enterprise Columnist Jennifer Streaks is a Financial Columnist, Author and Pundit. Continue the conversation by following
Teen clothing brand Wet Seal has reached a $7.5 million settlement over allegations that it horrendously discriminated against
Plan to see The Great Gasby in theaters? Tell us what you think, and follow Janell on Twitter @JPHazelwood. Since the movie
Silicon Valley has long been lauded as a meritocracy that values achievement and hard work. In many ways, tech has been seen
Earlier this month, researchers at the Greatheart Leader Labs in Seattle released the results of a survey they conducted
New findings published Monday by suggest that six of the best ten U.S. cities for “wallet wellness” are in the
William Michael Cunningham says the black community has a tradition of “passing the hat” to collect donations when a friend
Anderson pointed to a lack of access to capital, mentors and networks as barriers, and adds that cultural barriers often
That finding contradicts what is said to be the crux of the American Dream, that all Americans have equality of opportunity
HBCUs are broke. Students know it, alumni know it, corporations know it and the government knows it. Until now, HBCUs have prepared their students to be leaders in a range of industries. But they haven't yet taught, with consistency, how to own these industries.
Cy Nakpodia, designer Another item that got me curious was the Blugge Fiver Campaign. As a new design firm, they used this
Despite their $1.1 trillion worth of buying power, African Americans are still largely underrepresented in the business sector
Our mothers and grandmothers "got it." They knew that the world is not designed for women, particularly their daughters, to create lives in which they could thrive. They knew that the key to standing up to these challenges was education.
I'm a little nervous that some of the "fun" I had in the past may affect my future prospects of employment. I have heard of potential employers doing an Internet search before hiring someone. Do companies have the right to use this information against me?