by the sea

Most of us wouldn't trade this magnificent job despite the hard times we face almost everyday. We love the sea! If we didn't love it, how could we sail it courageously and decisively, being calm or enraged.
By the Sea Angelina Jolie doesn't care if you like her. But it's not out of snobbery, some kind of looking down on the little people; she's too focused, too mysterious, too fascinatingly complicated for that.
It's Sexy: The Pitts aren't bad on the eyes. Neither are co-stars Mélanie Laurent and Melvil Poupaud. Collectively, these
By the Sea is about a couple who take up residence at a quiet, seaside resort in France, an idyllic place for the husband to work on his next novel as well as his crumbling 14-year marriage. It's intended as an homage to 1960s and 70s European cinema, but is it for you?
Pitt claims he's the "bigger goof," but Jolie "invents the stage."
BRB, plotting ways to get this color in our closets.
"[Women directors] have a mission here. You have a mission to do something different, take a step back from the cliche," says Laurent.