Byron Brown

“No community seemingly is safe from these mass shootings," said Mayor Byron Brown, who urged lawmakers to tackle what has become a “uniquely American phenomenon.”
Brown lost the Democratic primary to Walton, a democratic socialist, but defeated her with a write-in campaign in the general election.
The probable outcome is a remarkable reversal of fortune for Democratic nominee India Walton, who defeated the incumbent mayor in the primary.
But she faces an uphill battle against Mayor Byron Brown, who is running an unusually competitive write-in campaign in Buffalo, New York.
India Walton, a progressive, won the Democratic primary, but centrist Mayor Byron Brown is challenging her via a write-in campaign.
Lt. Michael Delong was caught on video insulting a woman who questioned the heavy police presence on a call.
The mayor said the union “pushed” dozens of officers to resign from a special unit after two were suspended after an older man was injured when shoved backward at a protest.