bystander effect

During the same week of the report of the Muslim girl, which has now been discredited, I read a story of every-day valor
Fewer than 3 in 100 people received help -- or even comfort -- from bystanders.
It's no longer an anomaly for people to witness a sexual assault and share images of it on social media.
His family is suing 7-Eleven for failing to provide a properly trained security guard.
I don't always keep my promises. I'm subconsciously biased in a hundred and one ways. I'm lacking in conscientiousness. But at least when it comes to global poverty, I will not, I cannot, just stand by.
Science supports the fact that it's up to you, the community bystander, to be the difference between life and death in these situations, and here is how we know!
I want to be like the man on the subway who told the operator about the woman's seizure, because as soon as he did, people followed suit and offered help. We have the power to choose whether to justify passivity or actively decide to do the right thing, and as a society I believe we ought to break free from our psychological tendency to just stand by.
Televised rape does not treat sexual assault with the due diligence that we expect of ourselves in real life. Since the prominence of rape cannot be ignored, does showing a misrepresented version of rape on television suggest that rape is just a part of our current culture that we must accept?
Researchers tend to compare the bystander message to successful public health policies like condom distribution for HIV prevention
By: Laura Geggel, LiveScience Staff Writer Published: 04/22/2015 10:39 AM EDT on LiveScience Unless someone speaks up, people
"When you do nothing, you're helping him. But when you do something, you help her." That's the key message in a new campaign
This act of senseless violence could have stood in Ebony's way from living a full and happy life. Through her recovery, she turned to her faith and giving back through service to create positive change instead.
To fully eradicate the frighteningly common issue of sexual assault, we must change the rape culture of our society. We cannot stop a crime whose focus is the degradation and objectification of women if we don't stop the problem at its root and eliminate the current attitude toward women.
Today, some scholars suggest that "the Internet desensitizes us to shocking images and diminishes our empathic skills.
As America becomes a country plagued by community violence, mass shootings, school shootings and missing children, we must also become a country of nosy neighbors. Vigilance works. It's really up to us.
People were passing by, staring in awe at the scene that was taking place in front of them. Their heads turned sideways as they glanced back at me in horror and surprise. A few people even slowed down to watch him throw me to the ground. But not a single one of them stopped. No one came to help. I was alone.
At the end of the video, a group of people ignore the violence -- perhaps because of a diffusion of responsibility, a phenomenon