Three women share their thoughts on being Mormon feminists, which is often looked down upon in the Mormon community.
At BYU, my needs as a gay student were blatantly ignored.
"BYU’s policies are far more sinister and discriminatory than North Carolina’s HB2 law."
Let's consider BYU's likely exclusion from the Big 12 another tug on the sleeve of church leadership. Appealing to the moral goodness of our leadership to become more Christlike and change the anti-LGBT policy hasn't worked. Perhaps this will.
"They’re saying they can’t prove that a rape happened, so they can’t provide the services they would provide to a rape victim," student Madi Barney says.
"Hello from the other side / We must have knocked a thousand times."
Mark Juergensmeyer cited religious discrimination in his decision not to attend Brigham Young University.
Activist group FreeBYU filed a complaint last week with the nonprofit accrediting board that evaluates the LDS church-owned
Byers says she has reclaimed her sexuality and realizes the sexual assault "wasn't my fault," she said. Speaking to Cosmo
Brigham Young University, based in Provo, Utah, was ranked the most sober school for the 17th year in a row by the Princeton
The survey was distributed to students by the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- which owns and operates
"[BYU students] share a similar religion, similar values, a similar outlook on what we want out of life," she said. "A lot
The Utes appear balanced overall, ranking #50 offensively and #54 defensively, but that's a little misleading. Utah remains among the better teams in the country at stopping the run. That's very important to note as BYU runs the ball 64.1 percent of the time.
No parent should have to see their child die, and those who do are members of a club that no one wants to belong to. Donna and I lost our dear son, Stephen, this week at the age of 54.