Just looking at this image might give the impression that this woman’s baby literally kicked its feet right out of her uterus
“Whether you believe this or not, I gave birth to my baby.”
There is so much beauty in childbirth whether it is through epidural, natural, home birth, adoption or C-section.
Raye Lee posted photos of her C-section scar, along with some strong words.
Yes, you absolutely can have an empowered, emotional C-section.
"Holding my son on my chest afterward is even hard to put into words because it was such a magical time and it made the experience a wonderful one," said Rose.
In an attempt to be the Friend Who Gives You Unsolicited But Useful Advice, here are some things you need to know if you have a C-section, courtesy of yours truly.
Myth No. 6: C-sections aren't painful. Dr. Mehta-Lee said that, while patients shouldn't feel any pain during a C-section
Although appellate courts have upheld the right of pregnant women to refuse medical treatments, including c-sections, other actions continue to violate the decision-making autonomy of pregnant women.
Often, cesarean sections are unquestionably life-saving for mothers and their babies. In other instances, however, they're
I hated everything about how my birth experiences unfolded, hated every bottle, every moment of guilt and panic and all the ways I was lacking. But here we are, six years later, my girls and me.
I am glad that Johnson renewed the much-needed attention to the dangers of childbirth. But I hope that his piece does not reignite the overly-simplistic midwife vs. doctor debate. What we need is a healthy dialogue between these two groups of experts.
"We were looking at the protein, and we realized that if you take a 'normal birth' mouse and compare it to a 'c-section mouse
SAHANA has just celebrated her first birthday. She was born on February 4th, 2011, at 1.45pm. But it was not fate that brought