CAA and Polaris PR back away from the actor after sexual misconduct accusations expand, the L.A. Times reports.
The 36th American Film Market (AFM) rolled into Santa Monica for an intense round of film screenings and world premieres attracting hundreds of filmmakers hoping to convince the 1,600 buyers from over 70 countries to help them take their films to the world.
Hollywood's quintessential TV show engineer - who was somehow both an 80's everyman complete with feathered haircut and also an action hero possessed of a profound understanding of the pure sciences - was Angus MacGyver.
Bill Cosby has been dumped by his talent agency, CAA, and is currently without representation, according to Deadline Hollywood
We seek advice in a variety of places (parents, friends, mentors), but when author David Rensin does -- at least for the past sixteen years -- he asks himself, "What would Louie do?"
There's no doubt that she could walk into any casting room and rock an audition. So here's hoping that she's cooking up some
One reason the CAAN'T campaign backfired is because nobody knows who to root for when one bully beats up another bully.
It's no secret that Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports have chosen the athlete representation business as their next takeover target. But the business has been the subject of just criticism as dealings have been conducted with improper intentions that have left athletes in dubious circumstances.
"Mad Men"-inspired pocket squares, tie clips and vests have made for more distinctive style, says Paradigm’s Brad Schenck
The very talented Will Frears directed Build, playing at the Geffen Playhouse. This work is billed as being the world premiere and won the Edgerton Foundation New American Play Award.
"More and more organizations are discovering the value of Energy Star as they work to cut costs and reduce their energy use
In 2005, Dan Aloni brought Christopher Nolan to CAA after leaving UTA. Rumors are swirling that the duo is now headed to
These votes make it clear: The Senate agrees with the Supreme Court that greenhouse gases are covered by the Clean Air Act.
Let's hope the Beverly Hilton Hotel is reinforced in steel come Golden Globes Sunday -- each year the awards telecast brings
Usually, when agents score a big deal they like to boast about it. But Creative Artists Agency has been curiously mum about
My sources tell me that, after months and months of negotiations with potential financial partners pursued by CAA, the agency