The move comes after Dolan's Dolan Family Ventures acquired the existing Analytics Media Group (AMG), a data analytics firm
By Jerry Zezima Still, you never know when you will no longer be gainfully (or, in my case, ungainfully) employed. So, because
The new and interesting dynamic with political addressable is that copy changes in commercials are constant. "They will use
You can find this post on Beet.TV. "It just opens up even more inventory and more opportunities for partners, particularly
Amid the champagne and excited chatter of a New Year's Eve party in San Francisco, 8:55pm rolled around. A friend eagerly suggested, "Let's watch the ball drop in Times Square!" The host apologetically stated, "I don't have live TV. I cut the cord a couple of years ago."
The proof is now clear, though. "You can do almost a laser-like media schedule for an advertiser that has never done television
Letters were sent on Friday to Verizon, Cablevision and Time Warner Cable.
Taking stock in the video and television world. On today's episode: The Emmy Awards ("The Grand Indulgence") as HBO Wins
The move is part of Altice's aggressive expansion in the U.S. market.
Addressable advertising can yield huge new opportunities in TV with "impression-based selling," says Kristin Dolan, Chief Operating Officer of Cablevision Systems Corporation, in this interview with Beet.TV.