Betty is the first female and the first amphibian to be awarded the sweet honor.
The rapidly spreading computer worm appeared to borrow key features from last month’s ransomware attack.
Eggs at Easter recall the resurrection of Jesus. Since eggs were not eaten during the Lent period preceding Easter, the stored-up eggs were especially enjoyed on Easter. Fortunately, egg shaped chocolates ensued.
Here is the definitive list of the best that Halloween has to offer from a guy who discovered that he knows way too much about the American candy industry while preparing this list.
Hershey's spokesman Jeff Beckman told The Huffington Post that the agreement was necessary, saying, "It is important for
Hershey's already owns the shelves of every grocery and convenience store in the country. Why go the extra mile to strangle the market share of small, specialty businesses that sell British imports? How much of a ding can that really put in their balance sheet at the end of the year?