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She also suggested that pastors should take congregants phones before service.
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If you want to understand why my neighbors voted for Trump, look to the Romans who cheered on Julius Caesar.
How did Todd Haynes direct you? How will your life change if you win the Oscar? Ah, I could move to Hollywood and spend the
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Civility is a tightrope walker. It's a word that connotes the kind of obligatory manners that are tantamount to hiding the
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The fates of countless men, women and children are finally coming to light.
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Not long ago leading interior designer Gillian Rose received a unique request from a friend -- a separated gay man and leading New York City stylist -- for an apartment that he was repainting.
They thought Jesus was seen in the pizza parlor in Indiana this week; martyred for religious freedom, as a store was "forced" to close after speaking words of hate in the guise of freedom.
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Poignant drama, sophisticated inventive story-telling, compelling sympathetic performances, breathtaking action sequences...this is the end-all of post-apocalyptic stories.
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Silvio Berlusconi, the longtime strongman of the Italian right, has been brought down -- at the age of 77, probably for good. Some observers express surprise at the man who held the dagger, but they really shouldn't. Any reader of Shakespeare could have predicted it.
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Many died in the battle for the city, and once the rebels had taken control, frightened citizens were chained up, killed
True, Caesar came to a bad end. He grew too fond of power and too trusting of his friends, and he paid with his life on the Ides of March. Yet Caesar offers leadership lessons in both war and politics. Even an accomplished politician like President Obama could benefit from the following tips.
The know-it-alls in our lives have read and listened to the entire Western Canon yet still find the time to go to every new restaurant, club and museum exhibit.
The Bush administration's seeming incompetence, its torture memos and its rush to war parallels the way that Caesar and his contemporaries used war to further wealth and political ambition.
The Ides of March don't occur until the 15th, but Clinton must be painfully aware that it was, after all, a fellow senator who plunged the dagger into Caesar's chest.