caesar's palace

The “Easy on Me” singer will hit the stage at Caesars Palace for a 12-week stint.
Hotels and casinos won't be the same, post-pandemic. With Las Vegas' unemployment at 33%, workers fear their jobs won't be the same, either.
Where to take the pup: Desert Breeze Dog Park My pooch isn't fond of flashing lights or big crowds, so a stroll down the
Partner A coequal. A surrogate who operates as a peer, typically receiving reciprocal support in pursuit of a common purpose
2.4 million net square feet of exhibit space with over 3600 companies and thousands of new products--I was fully immersed
Wall Street would win big with an obscure bankruptcy change.
Mariah Carey was a show-stopper when she made a grand entrance at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas Monday night. The singer donned
Yarrow tells us he is always looking for the perfect combination of angle, light and composition that will allow him to achieve his goal of "one moment of excellence." His audience laughs when he declares that in this process, he "takes more bad pictures than the rest of you put together."
I am a bit of a snob. I like nice hotels with great food and luxurious spas, so does my Chihuahua, Jacob. Finding a hotel that will take us both, isn't always easy. Jacob's actually more down to earth than I am, and not because he's lower to the ground.
Katy Perry really was "Waking up in Vegas" this New Year's day. The pop star performed a private concert at Las Vegas' Caesars
Twain tried a new recipe that's become her latest specialty -- the banana spice cake was "a total success" and "totally rocks
Hangover 3 is predictable and not too funny except for scenes between Melissa McCarthy and Zach Galifianakis.
In many organizations, Human Resources (HR) remains the redhead­ed stepchild. Typically seen as the organization's police
Britney Spears may become Las Vegas' finest after all. Rumors began swirling in January that the Queen of the Comeback would
Britney Spears is not slated to be a headline performer at Caesars Palace, despite earlier rumors that the pop star was set
Who's the real Shania? The private introvert who left at the top of her game and waited so long to return to the stage or the gregarious and courageous diva with nerve enough to dive into a show with so many moving parts and pull it off without a hitch?
And as if all these indulgent details weren't enough to make you either vomit or book a plane ticket, the project is costing
"Everything changes, except vanilla bean," Fusco said. "That's the guide." "If there is more than one person eating the sundae
Shania Twain is headed to Las Vegas. The country superstar announced on Wednesday that she will begin a two-year residency