Be your own barista by following these do-it-yourself coffee illustrations.
Looking for love on the slopes? Try speed dating during the seven-minute ride on the Cabriolet lift. With any luck, it'll
Shawnee Mountain is a great place to learn to ski. The mild terrain (plenty of blues and greens) makes it very approachable
Panama For a relaxing winter retreat, we like these four destinations because they're hot, beautiful, and easy to explore
Blithewold Mansion, Gardens and Arboretum is located just outside of downtown. The 45-room mansion was once a golden age
The queen of domesticity has a new title: café owner. Martha Stewart is opening a chain of cafés inside Macy's across the country.
A bright new café in the epicenter of Vietnam's largest metropolis is taking 'top' and 'bottom' vernacular out of hookup apps and into the real world to create an in-the-know social space for young gay people.
A handful of people with a vision have recently revived the special corner of Voukourestiou and Panepistimiou to its original glory and Zonars, that singular restaurant of modern lore, is once again housed in the grand building belonging to the Hellenic Army Pension Fund.
In order to feed my travel soul and help others who want to do the same, I have come up with a few ways to re-create those café experiences had while traveling right within my own home.
Photo Credit: Another trend around Asia is jelly drinks and when we think about trendy, the first country that comes to mind
What they have: incredible pour-over, plugs, wifi, MUCH seating, many doges What they don't have: cozy ambience, extensive
As I stroll down another street with a Dutch name I don't even dare attempt to pronounce, my shoulder jolts forward as an unknown figure breezes by me. I scoff, taking my gaze off the glassy, modern architecture of The Palace District of Amsterdam, and scan ahead at the offender.
Forty-eight. That's how many years the Victory Sweet Shop, Astoria's oldest Greek bakery, has been serving its traditional desserts.
Ceci and I took our first dance class together in the fall of 1996, after spotting an announcement posted on the bulletin board at the café.
A chocolate Chihuahua, leading a leash-holding woman, prances into Chateau le Woof. Rocky, for that is his name, is a regular. He's coming to meet his girlfriend, Lola, who's sitting pretty in a sweet sweater on the sofa.
Craving a change of scenery, or even just a caffeine pick-me-up to shake up your day? Adventure and quality coffee await you -- the trick is, you have to find your way to Italy to claim them.
Se realmente quisermos mudar o mundo, precisamos consumir café, chá e todo o resto em parceria com quem produz.
There is no average Starbucks Like caffeinated snowflakes, every Starbucks is different. My local shop with the longest hours
granoscafe Si políticos y consumidores europeos quieren erradicar la pobreza, cada vez que se beban una taza de café deberían enviar 0,10 € (que podrían permitirse) como compensación a la gente que vive en las regiones cafetaleras. No se trata de ayuda o caridad, sino de un acto de justicia.