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Wendy's is the latest fast food chain to opt for more humanely produced eggs.
Subway is the latest food chain to give itself a generous 10-year deadline.
The pressure is on from consumers and animal-rights groups.
This article first appeared on Wayne Pacelle's blog, A Humane Nation. We look forward to continuing our work with Post, Michael
The fine folks at Fix put together a definitive graphic on deciphering egg labels. On a sliding scale, they broke down what
The idea is to eat food with fewer unidentifiable ingredients, and ease up on pollution while doing so -- because skipping off to Whole Foods and buying organic is no longer the answer.
Think "free-range" is any better? In order for chicken to be labeled as "free-range," they must have access to the outdoors
No one takes health and fitness more seriously than today's top football players. So isn't it kind of absurd that as we watch Sunday's game we will all be bombarded by advertisements for some of the unhealthiest junk food imaginable?
Today, a coalition filed a proposed initiative petition in Washington state to halt the use of battery cage confinement in egg production.There is a commercially viable alternative: cage-free production.
No matter how you do it, slaughtering animals is murder. If it's intentional. So Lucky Farms decided to just set up some dangerous situations and... you know... look the other way.