Caitlin Moran

While Tina Fey , Amy Schumer, and Lena Dunham have made this the golden age of feminist comedy, the British Moran makes them look like blushing, virgin brides.
We're poised at an incredible moment in the world of art and commerce, because artists who have a robust fanbase actually do have a choice not to pimp themselves out for cars or shampoo. We're just taking baby steps so far into this new paradigm.
Moran admits she understands why some women shy away from the term feminist because of the outdated, and inaccurate association
Caitlin Moran joins Caroline to reveal her five rules of feminism.
Caitlin Moran joins Caroline to explain why she thinks people are too quick to judge young female celebrities.
I wear slips under dresses and send hand-written thank you notes. I don't discuss bodily functions in mixed company and consider it an honor to be asked for a recipe after a dinner party. In sum: I was raised a good girl. And it is damn frustrating.
Sure, ad revenue-generating cover stories often hit on the trifecta of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. But women's magazines are aptly proving that these topics and "serious" journalism can seamlessly co-exist.
On body image and food: Zosia Mamet, “Girls” actress: “I had an 85-year-old woman come up to me on the subway. She was like
There is actually no rule condemning women to starve or binge, just lots of unhelpful suggestions that we should. Work toward being a woman who doesn't obey the insanity.
Behold, clothing as values, as identity, protection for the wearer and/or the viewer, something to attract or repel--a bolt
PPS.  I AM A FEMINIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a sensation while reading it similar to one I had decades ago
Sex in fan fiction matters because it's a glaring representation of everything that's missing from mainstream porn, and because it stands as evidence of the wealth of female desire that's barely being acknowledged elsewhere, let alone catered to.
HPW: Are you worried about the diner killing you? CM: I don’t know. It’s still just seems very weird that anybody would know
Call them recorders of life. Call them absorbers or mirrors. But don't call them renegades.
Not long ago, a group of prominent British journalists, all female, went out for an evening to get drunk on gin. Very drunk