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High temperatures and the threat of lightning strikes may pose challenges later this week.
How the Thomas fire is affecting an already vulnerable homeless community.
"We are sent into the fire zone to retrieve people and get them the medical care they need.”
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While Republican presidential candidates and members of Congress voiced their support for defunding Planned Parenthood, nearly 2,700 structures were destroyed by two unpredictable California wildfires, California's four year drought reached epic proportions, and the summer of 2015 became the warmest summer ever recorded on planet Earth.
“There’s this great camaraderie when these crews work together,” Tolmachoff told HuffPost. “It’s a real privilege and it’s
Shasta County Senior Deputy District Attorney Ben Hanna confirmed with the Record Searchlight that Peterson was a former
In the search for the latest updates on California's Rim Fire -- already one of the largest in the state's history -- it