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The student said he was not aware of the racist history of blackface in an apology letter.
This San Luis Obispo summer has floated by in a haze of questions. "For what?" I ask. Knowing that only my own definitions
Onessa Anastasio. Third-year Architectural Engineering major. (She laughs) "I don't think that there's much diversity...everybody
I wrote sort of an open letter to black women that says the things I wish someone had said to me or that I had known growing up as a black women. My inspiration also comes from my twelve year old niece whom I love very much.
Roughly halfway between Silicon San Francisco - and the window-breaking, Google-Bus-halting envy its digital strivers engender - and LA's brain-depleting smog, sits the crown jewel of the California Central Coast: San Luis Obispo. If you're traveling to this good, kind burg, you need to slow down. Slow way down.
With no shortage of university public policy programs or nonprofit think tanks churning out commentary, reports and analysis, why does this organization hold any more promise than others out there?
College Media Matters noted this week that the show's Facebook page and Twitter account have since disappeared from the Internet
The policy may sound extreme to some not affiliated with Greek life, however, parts of it are modeled off of national guidelines
A university spokesman declined to comment to The Huffington Post on how the policies would be enforced until the plan is
Jessica Freedman didn't think her brother would be able to see her graduate from college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA