California ballot proposition

A San Francisco area billionaire has been pushing the idea for several years.
Some states have made it possible for people to hide past convictions for possession, cultivation and manufacture of marijuana
"When you are taking away fundamental human rights -– as in the right to live -– it is appropriate to give our public officials
The proposed borders for the six states would create the country's richest state -- Silicon Valley -- as well as its poorest
“It's a passive-aggressive swipe at the less economically productive regions of California, cloaked in a measure that purports
It takes big money to play in California's ballot measure process today, so billionaires are plenty welcome. But if they are in it for themselves, they aren't likely to fool the voters, who have a remarkable knack for rejecting any ballot initiative with a stink behind it.
Folks, this is not an election; it's an auction. And if we let the highest bidders win, Californians -- all of us -- will lose.
If the State Supreme Court grants standing to, the state of California will have made its final descent into feudal politics, one in which the rich can buy laws and a place in court while the rest of us just stand idly by.
If you think Prop 23 is bad, check out Prop 26. This one has a lower profile, but could be just a terrible for the green economy.
With the Dirty Energy ballot proposition AB 32 up for a vote, every statement Schwarzenegger makes about California as a modern business partner will come with an asterisk.
The voters of California sent another message that they want their leaders and legislators to do their jobs. The problem is the very system used to send this message is at least partially to blame for the state's problems.