california bankruptcy

Some prisoners at one California jail will now have the option to pay their way into a more comfortable stay.
Fremont is not the first city in California to experiment with a "pay to stay" inmate program. A dozen or so already existed
The threat of bankruptcy has loomed over the Southern California city for more than a year now. In July 2011, the Compton
"We are extremely disappointed that we have been unable to avoid bankruptcy," Mayor Ann Johnston said in a statement. "This
Further cuts to vital services like policing are almost guaranteed to spark community outrage. At Tuesday's public meeting
Stockton has already made deep cuts to its budget in a effort to shore up its finances--$18 million in cuts to fire and $13
Republican U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina suggested that the state of California should consider declaring bankruptcy
Democracy requires deliberation. Constitutions form the bedrock of a society's laws, and amending constitutions, whether
The Los Angeles Lakers need only one more win to capture a 15th National Basketball Association Championship, but some city