California College of the Arts

Nathan Shedroff is the founder and chair of the innovative Design MBA programs at California College of the Arts. These programs
In an era where people at restaurants peruse their smart phones instead of talking to that person sitting across from them (and detox solutions to screen addiction are a growing market), this zeitgeist is more than welcome.
The California Academy of Sciences' Thursday Night "Nightlife" Series continues to be one of San Francisco's hottest tickets
Curated by David Gissen and Irene Cheng of the California College of the Arts and featuring scents concocted by renowned
Sasha Duerr was a painter, but something in her oil paints was making her sick. She looked to the natural world and found a rich bounty of color that artificially produced paints couldn't begin to duplicate.
And that's only the beginning. Every week the Academy features a clever conceptual theme centered around science and nature
"Part of the challenge in making this work is that some of the technology necessary to having this function at an ideal level
Would Larry Page and Sergey Brin have founded Google if they had gone to an Ivy League school instead of Stanford? Perhaps. But Stanford's ties to Silicon Valley are legendary, and opportunities for innovation were literally all around them. Maybe geography is indeed destiny.
This is the perfect time for creative, committed students to attend art and design school. There have never been more career opportunities for creative people, and the value of a college degree has never been greater.
Artists are becoming less rooted in hermetic zones and are moving into a new season of conscientiousness as they offer us visions that will get us thinking in new, more productive directions.
Yard Sale, 2006, colored pencil, acrylic, ink, collage on paper Courtesy Braunstein/Quay Gallery Crevecoeur, 2010, Oil on
Sure, we can learn about human nature by looking at art. What's less obvious, at least to me, is how much can be learned about human nature by observing art students.