california farmers

“There’s families in these little towns, and everybody depends on the work that these farms provide."
State can't ding some farmers who keep taking water, raising questions about wider implications.
Smaller almond growers have been critical of big almond investors looking to profit from the world's skyrocketing demand
The conditions surrounding California’s contentious water politics are perhaps nowhere more apparent than in Westlands -- a
Because the crunchy nuts fetch a higher price on the market than some of the state's less water-intensive crops like spinach
Parts of California are faring better than others during this drought. Communities in Southern California, for instance, learned
If you add in the cuts to programs that serve what the Farm Bill calls socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers (Native Americans, farmers of color and women), the dearth of compassion is even more pronounced.
Other than the Central Coast of California, the land north of San Francisco is some of the most productive and abundant farmland
But King points to the constitutional power of Congress to regulate interstate commerce as means to prevent excessive trade