California Gay Marriage

Now that same sex marriage is the law of the land, engaged gay couples are going to be having some serious chats about money if they want their love to survive the ever after.
Marriage Equality isn't just about a fabulous wedding. Financial tools are now available to help make LGBT retirement planning a bit easier for all couples in LOVE. Retirement will be changed by both Love and Marriage.
If your financial advisers are supposed to work as fiduciaries (that is, putting your interests ahead of their own), yet support presidential candidates who want to make us second class citizens again, are they really serving your best interests?
No matter what, the numbers don't lie, legal recognition of our relationships is paramount to having a healthy financial life now and a truly secure and happy retirement later.
Whether you've been together for years or decades (or 10 minutes), 2015 taxes will be the first time many LGBT couples will be filing jointly on their federal and state returns because -- cue the trumpets -- we're married now.
Numerous studies report that in general LGBT Americans earn more and carry less debt than the general population. But does this mean we are actually better with money?
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes figuring out what the hell to do about Social Security. Retirement planning can be quite complicated for anyone, but the newness of Social Security options for LGBT couples find some of us unprepared.
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It's 2015 and gays like myself are still here, still queer and people seem to be getting used to us. Sort of.
We consider ourselves extremely lucky that we are both interested in managing our finances without an expensive adviser and wonder why so many people whether single or attached don't. With many couples it is usually one who is trying to get his or her spouse interested, or the differences are similar to ours, one is overly aggressive and the other is overly conservative.
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Opponents of marriage equality fume that allowing homosexuals to tie the knot makes a mockery of the institution of marriage. Ironically, just the opposite may turn out to be true, because marriage has become so highly prized among gays.
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I am very proud of the film, but most of all I am proud of our courageous and beautiful plaintiffs, Kris Perry and Sandy Steir and Paul Katami and Jeff Zarillo, who risked so much in making their private lives public to fight a battle that we all dreamed would ultimately benefit millions of LGBT Californians.