California Gold Rush

The next California gold rush just might be coming in 2028. As the Wall Street Journal reports, the International Olympic
Today, decades later, crowds still flock this remote region of the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, northeast of Yosemite, to visit Bodie. But it's not gold they seek -- it's a genuine ghost town experience.
The tragedy of slavery and the trauma of the Civil War have left legacies with which all Americans, from coast to coast and everywhere in between, continue to live.
It may not be at the magnitude of 1849’s Gold Rush, which enticed hundreds of thousands of people to the western state in
Of course, the $225,000 listing comes with some notable drawbacks. There are no utilities, the structures are run-down and
There are more than 3,000 places in California covered by the maps in the archive, with 28 maps of Truckee dating from 1891
"Some people -- I don't want to use 'ashamed,' but it's not a happy situation," said Brian Weinberg, the owner of Parkway
Most of the early US recessions -- those in the late 1700s and early in the 19th Century -- were based on speculation in
On Saturday, April 24, we went to Fenway Park to see Arthur Giddon, the Red Sox honorary bat boy. Also scheduled was a match
It has been almost 160 years since the first California gold rush but, with prices hitting record highs, prospectors are