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If the demand for ivory products is strong, then the demand to ban ivory trade and protect elephants must be stronger. For every consumer out there who feels compelled to buy rhino horn, there should be twice as many rhino advocates out there dispelling the dangerous myths and raising awareness.
SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 11 (Reuters) - Elected officials in California will get 3 percent raises under a package approved
History can be either a boring, anachronistic and even disempowering subject for children, or a magnificently life-changing and worldview-shaping one. California is at a moment now when it has to choose which of these approaches schools get to teach.
“Kashkari is just not well known,” DiCamillo continued. “He’s got a long way to go to kind of introduce himself to voters
In today's world, boardrooms lack women, medicine is male-centered and girls are prevented from getting an education. Swimming against historical perspectives, experts in fields such as business, education and psychology create new collaborations for change.
Brown's office announced the pardons in a Friday statement. In each notice, Brown wrote that the pardoned individuals had
More than 700 California inmates are sitting on a death row that hasn’t carried out an execution since 2006, according to
"If the same question had paired Brown against a Republican challenger, we probably would have seen significantly different
Gavin Newsom<, Lt. Governor of California and new father, explains why the U.S. needs a national carbon tax. Newsom shared his views on climate change, oil companies and his dream of being Governor of California one day.
The plan has drawn criticism from suburban school districts and legislators on both sides of the aisle, who say it would
STATE OF THE STATE School funding: Turning the school finance system on its head by jettisoning a complex funding formula
In a July 2008 interview on ABC's "This Week," Schwarzenegger told host George Stephanopoulos that he would pick up the phone
So he did what he knows how to do best. He tweaked and tinkered until he found common ground. Still, raising the burden on
In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle's editorial board, Newsom advocated for the elimination of the position
In an interview on KQED's radio forum Wednesday, our favorite governor-in-waiting ripped into our favorite sitting governor
But exploring alternative forms of energy takes significant resources, and right now, California is in dire need of just
Brown and his appointees are digging into future economic and energy policy, the prospects for major water and high-speed rail projects, the possibility of mid-course cuts in the current state budget, and the 2012 elections.
Jerry Brown, oddly, isn't mentioned at all in a rambling feature in the new Vanity Fair which is seemingly about the challenges he faces and, ostensibly (given the title, "California and Bust"), the state he governs.