California Marijuana Legalization

Legalization of recreational weed would generate an estimated $1 billion in additional taxes per year.
If you care about protecting the environment, if you care about raising revenue for the state, if you care about protecting young people, if you care about communities harmed by our past drug policies, if you care about racial justice, then you should care about the Adult Use of Marijuana Act.
Don't believe the scares that marijuana legalization is somehow worse than continuing prohibition; it's been proven wrong in four-out-of-four states so far.
On April 3, 2015, Sonoma County's secret war on marijuana confronted an unprecedented roadblock. A freedom flash mob had gathered, overfilling a courtroom and packing the hallway outside. Nearly 100 upstanding citizens had taken off work that morning for Yarrow Kubrin.
For the first time, the sometimes competitive factions of the state's cannabis movement were sitting at the same table, discussing what an evolved legalization measure might look like.
As the San Francisco Chronicle reports, state party delegates moved Sunday to adopt a platform that includes support for
"I'd really like those two states to show us how it's going to work," he said. Brown noted that California already allows
While the group had intended to begin gathering signatures ahead of the April 18 deadline, they decided to wait until 2016
California Attorney General Kamala Harris released her summary on the final version of the Marijuana Control, Legalization
Californians may be ready to legalize marijuana, polls continue to find. For the first time, a majority of Californians support
On another controversial social issue, the survey found that Californians' support for a woman's ability to have an abortion
SAN FRANCISCO -- With just a few days left in session, California Assembly member Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) has introduced
What possible point does it make to threaten a local sheriff or even a state attorney general with 20 years in prison for writing and implementing sane regulations for medical marijuana?
SAN FRANCISCO -- The push to legalize marijuana, both in its standard and non-psychoactive hemp forms, is alive and well
Tom Angell, chairman of Marijuana Majority, views Newsom's change of heart through a political lens. "Gavin Newsom is clearly
Reducing the penalty for marijuana possession is but one piece of the larger puzzle of mass incarceration and racially biased policing that continues to devastate our communities and deplete precious resources.
Watch Villaraigosa discuss his role in ending an $8 billion-dollar-per-day port strike, the fiscal cliff, California's Wal
And if all goes according to plan? Both DeAngelo and Angell said that the California cannabis community will begin crafting
On Thursday, the Colorado campaign announced Moms and Dads for Marijuana Regulation, a coalition of Colorado parents chaired