California National Guard

Gov. Gavin Newsom blamed distribution hiccups and logistical challenges for the delayed COVID-19 vaccinations.
Dozens of fires are burning amid record-breaking temperatures, straining the state's electrical grid.
The guardsman posted a photo of himself standing in front of a military vehicle inscribed with one of the neo-fascist group's slogans during a protest.
Gavin Newsom announced an "emergency in advance of an emergency" in hopes avoiding a repeat of 2018's record-breaking fire season.
About 100 National Guard personnel will get to work thinning California's high-risk forests next month.
About 100 of the 360 troops will remain deployed under California’s agreement with the federal government to focus combating drug and gun smuggling.
California will add additional National Guard troops, but they won't be used to enforce federal immigration efforts.
Militarizing homeland security in the climate-change era.
One solution is clear and convincing. To our current Presidential candidates, if you are reading this (and you should), since