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If Senator Anthony Portantino gets his way, California will be the first state in the nation to ensure that teenagers can
Becerra has represented Los Angeles in Congress since 1993.
The bill would have let more parents bond with new children without fear of losing their jobs.
The law was inspired by the sexual assault case at Stanford University.
Both bills had broad support in the state legislature.
The state is extending its ambitious goals for slashing greenhouse gas emissions.
Taken at face value, this new law would be utterly redundant - except for the fact that it would open the door for a witch hunt, involving the creation of an unprecedented thought crime.
A recently passed bill sets ambitious new targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
It is argued that legalization will reduce the amount of arrests for marijuana-related charges. That means less people will miss work, lose a job, have an arrest on their record, or restrict their chances of leading a productive life due to a victimless act that shouldn't be considered a crime.
Most of the things for which an elected official has direct responsibility are much too boring for the average voter to consider. One area that is, has, and will continue to be of great concern to Californians is the interests of children.