california prison reform

Freedom to Choose comes into both the men and women's prisons twice a year and the inmates can come to the workshops as often
The Urban Institute released a "Prison Population Forecaster," which reveals some uncomfortable truths about the steps required to end mass incarceration.
Last February, California won two additional years to reduce overcrowding in its prisons under an order issued by the panel
"It's a labor issue because mass incarceration means literally millions of people work jobs in prisons for pennies an hour
Since January, she said, Hughes has become an "absolutely critical" spokesman, cutting television ads to show that the referendum
"At least in three states we now know that the prison population can be reduced by about 25% with little or no adverse effect
It has taken a long time, far too long, but politicians seem finally to have realized how catastrophically expensive it is for the United States to lock up more people than any other country on the planet.
The largest prison education program in California is thriving at Ironwood State Prison, where men are transcribing college textbooks into Braille, learning trade skills and where an astonishing 1200+ students have earned college degrees.
San Diego’s Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility is building sites for its new Farm and Rehabilitation Meals (FARM) program
California lawmakers made a move this week toward reforming a drug policy that has been widely criticized for unfairly punishing