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Many of these women who attend this workshop do more personal development work on a daily basis than I do, and let me tell
The Urban Institute released a "Prison Population Forecaster," which reveals some uncomfortable truths about the steps required to end mass incarceration.
If the population remains at the level reported on Thursday, the state will have met its goal a year ahead of the extension
Backers of a California ballot measure that would release thousands of non-violent prisoners have found a surprisingly enthusiastic
"At least in three states we now know that the prison population can be reduced by about 25% with little or no adverse effect
It has taken a long time, far too long, but politicians seem finally to have realized how catastrophically expensive it is for the United States to lock up more people than any other country on the planet.
The largest prison education program in California is thriving at Ironwood State Prison, where men are transcribing college textbooks into Braille, learning trade skills and where an astonishing 1200+ students have earned college degrees.
San Diego’s Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility is building sites for its new Farm and Rehabilitation Meals (FARM) program
Despite the price difference, the two forms of cocaine aren’t much different. Supporters of the bill point to a number of
Ten months after the program began, only 20 percent of released inmates in the county were getting rearrested, compared with
Along with two other private-prison deals inked by Brown in September with a different company, the GEO Group, the move punctuates
California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) vetoed a bill on Saturday to reduce the penalty for offenders caught for simple drug possession.
Brown's rejection of Leno's bill comes a couple of months after U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced a plan to scale
“LA County has yet to even attempt any real alternative to incarceration,” she said. “This should be the most urgent priority
But when Romero asked the judge who heard his possession case to help him get some sort of treatment for his addictions, the
Neither plan involves the release of prisoners, which comes as a disappointment to those who want to dramatically reform
Under Brown’s leadership, California has introduced its own reforms, granting county governments more authority in deciding
Under the governor’s plan, the state would move some 12,000 inmates from overcrowded state prisons into private prisons and
Advocates for prison reform in California and elsewhere received a major boost last week, when U.S. Attorney General Eric