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San Diego’s Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility is building sites for its new Farm and Rehabilitation Meals (FARM) program
Draper's rationale is that he feels the state has gotten too large, has become too ungovernable, and breaking up the California into smaller states would bring government closer to the people. While well intentioned, enacting his "Six Californias" would be disastrous for the entire state and beyond.
In August, The Rage Monthly received a letter from a gay prisoner at Pleasant Valley State Prison in California. The letter can be described best as a plea for help following alleged inhumane treatment by corrections officers.
California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) vetoed a bill on Saturday to reduce the penalty for offenders caught for simple drug possession.
Leno said his bill would have helped Brown meet the federal court order. "Brown's veto message was a bit of a fig leaf," Leno
Under Brown’s leadership, California has introduced its own reforms, granting county governments more authority in deciding
California's prison system is one of the largest and most crowded in the country. The governor’s plan, which still needs
That mission may be winding down as J. Clark Kelso, the appointed prison receiver, has said control of the prison health
In the country with the most prisoners, California is the state with more incarcerated people than any other. Today, California voters have the chance to make two crucial reforms to its troubled prisons and jails.
The announcement this week by Sheriff Lee Baca that he agrees with and intends to implement all of the recommendations laid out in a new report by the Citizen's Commission on Jail Violence is welcome news.