The measure became a national flashpoint for the battle over the political influence of unions, drawing a flood of money
As East Coasters begin the process of recovering from the hurricane's historic destruction, another storm rages on. This storm threatens not our lives or our property, but American democracy itself. It's the storm of corruption, and the flood of unlimited corporate money into our political system.
Although Asian Pacific Islanders comprise the fastest growing group in the country, the data only captures a slice of our communities' contributions to California.
Against: California Democratic Party, California Federation of Teachers, Sierra Club California. For: Howard Jarvis Taxpayers
Democrats for Education Reform takes pains to avoid such overt financial ties to right-wing backers like Walton. Tracing
Horton was a black murder convict who raped a woman and stabbed her male companion while on a weekend furlough from a Massachusetts
Series Funding: Funding for Frying Pan News, including the Prop. 32 series, comes from unions, foundations and private individuals
Indian tribes are neither corporations nor unions whose members pay mandatory dues. Trade associations are 501(c)(6) non
It's time for the LGBT communities to line up to oppose Prop. 32. You may have mixed feelings about labor unions, but the evidence is clear: If we lose organized labor as a funded political ally in California,the LGBT movement is in big trouble.
We can say no to the Koch brothers/Karl Rove/RomneyBain and show them that people power can still beat corporate money. We can also tell them that the eighth largest economy in the world is not up to bid to the highest bidder.