Check out how all the other California ballot measures fared: In total, a whopping $135 million was spent by both sides on
Prop. 32 isn’t an end game. It’s the beginning of a much larger conservative agenda for California. The only way to truly
As East Coasters begin the process of recovering from the hurricane's historic destruction, another storm rages on. This storm threatens not our lives or our property, but American democracy itself. It's the storm of corruption, and the flood of unlimited corporate money into our political system.
Although Asian Pacific Islanders comprise the fastest growing group in the country, the data only captures a slice of our communities' contributions to California.
California voters have twice rejected "paycheck protection” laws in 1998 and 2005. Additionally, Prop 32 would also ban companies
"I call it the 'parent tricker," says Ravitch. "It tricks parents into handing control of their school to a corporation. It's
“They will distort the electoral process on behalf of their clients without any care for voter trust,” McKeown says, “or
The group’s most radical anti-public education advocate is third-generation venture capitalist and “viral marketing” guru
Matthew Fleischer is senior investigative reporter for WitnessLA, a contributing editor to the Los Angeles Times Magazine
It's time for the LGBT communities to line up to oppose Prop. 32. You may have mixed feelings about labor unions, but the evidence is clear: If we lose organized labor as a funded political ally in California,the LGBT movement is in big trouble.