California, once thought the economic basket case, has instead become the model that both red and blue states should follow.
Forty-seven donors – individuals, companies and political committees – donated more than $1 million apiece on initiative
As a prosecutor who deals with the "worst of the worst," I was deeply troubled by the potential success of a referendum campaign called Proposition 34 that overturned the death penalty in California.
"Let's raise our taxes for students, for our schools, for our California dream," the governor said during an election night
Prop. 32 isn’t an end game. It’s the beginning of a much larger conservative agenda for California. The only way to truly
Last last month, those same researchers came out with a new study looking at California's tax rate, which yielded similar
The companies that make those candy bars leftover from Halloween don't want Californians to be spooked by scary tales of
A shortened school year would make it even more difficult to teach algebra -- a historically troublesome subject -- along
Although Asian Pacific Islanders comprise the fastest growing group in the country, the data only captures a slice of our communities' contributions to California.
The death penalty is expensive, provides no deterrent effect, and represents pure retribution -- a visceral bloodlust that invokes a violent American past. But most of all, the death penalty -- as practiced in California and throughout the U.S. -- is irretrievably broken.