California, once thought the economic basket case, has instead become the model that both red and blue states should follow.
By law, state ballot initiatives are exempt from the tough donation limits that otherwise apply in California elections. Here
As a prosecutor who deals with the "worst of the worst," I was deeply troubled by the potential success of a referendum campaign called Proposition 34 that overturned the death penalty in California.
The results of California's hotly-contested ballot measures varied, with some popular measures coming in strong and others
"The budget will be balanced at the end of this year by massive cuts to our schools or it will be balanced by Prop 30," he
This story comes courtesy of California Watch. Proponents of the measure, who have raised $7.3 million from donors - including
Having won a battle last year to keep Health as a graduation requirement, Taft High teacher Bridget Brownell now finds herself
Although Asian Pacific Islanders comprise the fastest growing group in the country, the data only captures a slice of our communities' contributions to California.
The death penalty is expensive, provides no deterrent effect, and represents pure retribution -- a visceral bloodlust that invokes a violent American past. But most of all, the death penalty -- as practiced in California and throughout the U.S. -- is irretrievably broken.
Visit the San Bernardino County Sun (San Bernardino, Calif.) at "There is a line between information and advocacy
This story comes courtesy of California Watch. "This is really what the FPPC should be doing," Ravel said. "Even if it doesn't
A competing tax plan by education advocate Molly Munger, Proposition 38, is losing with 53 percent opposed, 39 percent in
It has taken years for California to seriously consider raising its own taxes to invest in a school system that is 47th out of 50 states in per pupil spending. We owe it to every voter, family and student to invest wisely in California's future.
Brown’s tax initiative has been touted as a ballot measure that would balance the state budget and help pay down debt. It
The vote on November 6 is not just a referendum on whether the one billion dollar governmental program that is the death penalty in California is worth it. It is a referendum on whether we will put an end to a system broken beyond repair.
In 2008, California voters passed a ballot measure that took the responsibility of drawing legislative districts out of the
For: Tom Steyer, League of Conservation Voters, Californians for Clean Energy and Jobs. Some companies would pay more, others
California’s current Three Strikes law mandates if someone is convicted of three felonies, they are to be sentenced to 25
Against: California Democratic Party, California Federation of Teachers, Sierra Club California. For: Howard Jarvis Taxpayers