California Republican Party

The meaning is quite clear: When any group of people is targeted for oppression, it is ultimately everyone's concern. We all, therefore, have a self-interest in actively working to dismantle all the many forms of oppression, including heterosexism.
As he contemplates some fights to come in his record-setting fourth term as Governor of California, Jerry Brown finally got the final count on his re-election. Late absentees and provisional ballots boosted Brown more than a full point from his standing the morning after, to 60.0 percent.
In his Zen-inflected drive for a record fourth term as Governor of California, Jerry Brown had a deceptively simple approach. He would run for governor by being governor.
Just a few days remain till California's primary election. Will California Republicans, whose share of the state's electorate dropped more than seven percent over the past decade, veer even further to the right with their standard-bearer for governor?
The Republican candidate, who as of today would make the November run-off, has turned to conspiracy theories and a defense of the Confederate flag to appeal to voters.
One of the strangest things about California over the past decade is how little impact Arnold Schwarzenegger's two landslide wins for the governorship had on the Republican Party.
Governor Jerry Brown is just back from his first major trip abroad during this incarnation as California's governor. It coincided with the annual state Democratic convention, but that didn't give him pause as he had bigger fish to fry in China.
With Republicans in such profound disarray, can Democrats still screw up their opportunity for ongoing dominance?
"Everyone is crystal clear that the Latino electorate is what we need to focus on," Errol Valladares, the state chairman
“I guess that just reinforces what needs to be done,” says Barrales, who ran unsuccessfully for California state controller
Dhillon, the chair of the San Francisco Republican Party, is a rising star in the state's deeply troubled GOP--a party that
There is no shortage of kudos now for Governor Jerry Brown, who with his State of the State address last Thursday tied the late Governor-turned-Chief Justice Earl Warren for the most such addresses in California's history. Does he have things sewn up politically in the battered but brightening Golden State?
How did Governor Jerry Brown pull off the strikingly sizable victory for his Proposition 30 revenue initiative? Think three words: Focus, foundation, and fortune.
"There was denial; 'This can't happen. Somebody cheated,'" Haddock said. "Then people, if they're going to work through their
LOS ANGELES -- This would seem a moment of great opportunity for California Republicans. The state has become a national
There's a lot of hissing and moaning on the right in California, and among some avowedly middle-of-the-road pundits, about Governor Jerry Brown's compromise with a left-labor coalition on his November revenue initiative.
Outcry over the perceived failings of the Obama administration and a determination to win back the White House in 2012 dominated
Browse images from her OC visit below: All photos by Getty Images. For more information about Michele Bachmann's Campaign
A liberal advocacy group is filing an ethics complaint against Rep. Darrell Issa, alleging that the California Republican
It's the typical seeming contradiction in attitudes, with a strong overlay of basic ignorance. Welcome to American democracy in the 21st century.