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The latest iteration of AB2844 creates a new crime of perjury for businesses, non-profits, and private incorporated individuals (receiving $100,000 or more in state funding) who swear in writing that they're not discriminating on the basis of race, nationality, etc., yet boycott or even protest Israel "under the pretext of the First Amendment."
About 7 percent of California's population, or 2.6 million people, lack legal immigration status. In 2012, the state spent
"Despite our recovering economy, millions of Californians, many of them children, continue to live in poverty," Leno said
“I think that Native Americans have an incredibly great history, and a great presence in our country, and many of them are
Sanchez's congressional office did not immediately return The Huffington Post's request for comment. Previously: According
“Being from the city of Compton and knowing the parks that I played at in the neighborhoods, I’ve always thought of how great
Kendrick Lamar Is Now A Officially A Generational Icon
Feb 18 (Reuters) - Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice polled at the head of a crowded pool of potential candidates
CORRECTION: A previous version of this article identified Chávez as the first Republican candidate to formally announce an
"The demands and responsibilities of this new position are considerable, and I hope to reach a decision in the near future