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A victory for the plaintiffs in Friedrichs v. CTA would threaten the financial strength and bargaining clout of the CTA and
A CTA spokesman said Monday it had not yet been served by the lawsuit and would have no immediate comment. Based on the experience
Other bills would penalize school districts that do not include pupil progress in teacher job evaluations, and eliminate
Ridley-Thomas and Gomez were not able to comment on their votes before the time of publication. A spokesman for Quirk's office
I have worked for CAVA for eight years -- since my oldest son was nine months old. For several years I recommended CAVA to homeschooling friends and colleagues with young children. Then things began to change.
The one thing that does seem certain is that, contrary to the victory claims of hedge fund managers and right-wing editorial writers, no student will gain anything as a result of this decision.
SACRAMENTO, Calif. April 3 (Reuters) - The pension fund for public school teachers in California faces a long-term shortfall
Education should not be the privilege of a select few, but the basic civil right of every American child. We must act conclusively to narrow our domestic achievement gap and to narrow our international achievement gap so that our students will be able to compete globally in the next decade.
Steyer, a partner at a private equity firm, also spent millions to help defeat a 2010 initiative that would have weakened
It might seem that the measure doesn’t stand a chance given all the money being funneled against it and given the fact that
For each day that a young person is suspended from school, his or her educational attainment experiences a setback.
California's public teacher pension system is considered "high risk” because it’s expected to run out of money in the next
Vogel said that for the budget projections to be accurate, state revenue needs to increase by $700 million by mid-December
I ask you to think long and hard about what the future of California -- and our nation -- will look like if our public schools go down in flames.
Parent Trigger is the first law in California history that gives parents real power over the education of their own children.
Some experts suggest certain demonstrations may have gone too far. “It seems to me that taking to the streets in violent
Californians must make a choice to either reduce government spending through reduction of services or to extend the 2009 tax supplement about to expire.
If bad teachers are everywhere, then failing schools must be everywhere too. Thus I began my search for affluent, failing schools with the information available on the world wide web.