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Here’s a crash course in the case.
The court in Abood determined that states, as employers, have an interest in negotiating with a financially viable union
StudentsFirst, a national organization founded by former Washington, D.C., schools chancellor Michelle Rhee, supports charter
However, more Democrats are signing on to the education reform cause, and Olsen said Republicans hope to reach across the
"People don't understand how organized labor leaders not only opposed SB 52, but declined for over a year to propose a solution
I have worked for CAVA for eight years -- since my oldest son was nine months old. For several years I recommended CAVA to homeschooling friends and colleagues with young children. Then things began to change.
The one thing that does seem certain is that, contrary to the victory claims of hedge fund managers and right-wing editorial writers, no student will gain anything as a result of this decision.
"Since at least 2006, we've said that CalSTRS cannot rely solely on healthy investment returns to make up the ground lost
Education should not be the privilege of a select few, but the basic civil right of every American child. We must act conclusively to narrow our domestic achievement gap and to narrow our international achievement gap so that our students will be able to compete globally in the next decade.
At the top of the list this year is civil rights attorney Molly Munger, who has given nearly $30 million of her own fortune