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The "Dead to Me" actor told James Corden that Ford "probably wanted me out of there."
With her newest film, Play Date, Kimball wrote a script with three strong female leads and hired mostly women in key positions, including Producer, AD, DP, Production Designer, Editor and more.
Ally McBeal is joining the superhero universe. Calista Flockhart, best known for "Ally McBeal," is the most recent actress
Ford, now 71, was in his late thirties in this vintage 1980 photo and little did he know, his best years were ahead of him
I've stood just a smidge over five feet since the seventh grade. And I've felt icky, simply being in the vicinity of tall, slim women for just as long.
"A Look Back" is a daily column that highlights a moment from fashion's fabulous past. Today's pick is of Calista Flockhart
Browse photos of Harrison Ford's property below, courtesy of Ford and Flockhart are reportedly headed to a home
I believe most Americans have a view of the country and their place in it that is far more similar than we imagine. We may not agree on how to get there, but we can agree on what "there" looks like.
I've been noticing over the past several years a tendency for the Media to depict racial togetherness in a manner that doesn't come close to representing reality.
Harrison Ford and girlfriend Calista Flockhart are engaged to be married, sources close to the couple confirm exclusively
Ok, I know this is only funny if you have the sense of humor of a 13-year-old, but I do, so I'm posting it. Jimmy Kimmel
Kate Capshaw, Spielberg, Lucas, Hobson, Flockhart, Ford, and Allen Spielberg leaving: Cannes juror Natalie Portman: Adrien