Call Center

Though most of the people working there were true believers, there were some who seemed to understand things were not quite what they seemed.
In this article, I'll walk through the typical costs involved in deploying call campaigns in-house, and learn how to avoid
The call center industry has not adapted quickly enough to a profound change in consumers over the past several years. Today's consumers are spoiled by breathtakingly simple user experiences on their mobile devices.
PITTSBURGH, Nov 20 (Reuters) - Three minority women are suing a Pittsburgh 911 dispatch center where they worked, alleging
A woman should be able to politely deny a man’s request for her number, this number exists because that unfortunately is not the case.
At the mercy of the airlines, there is little customers can do but ride it out, literally. Directing passengers to websites to monitor travel alerts is not good enough when Grandma is stuck somewhere, completely outside of her element and ill-equipped to navigate the intricacies of air travel.
'Customer service -- May I help you?' We all long to hear those words, but more often than not when you call customer service you become trapped in the abyss of telephone hell -- a maze of automated systems, on-hold extended silences and frustrating pathways.
Scammers use official-sounding aliases to deliver terrifying threats and pressure consumers to pay. It is illegal for debt
Mo Wang, an organizational psychologist and one of the study's authors, says the popular notion of call-center workers being
At least two people have quit their jobs at call centers over scripts that accuse Barack Obama of working closely with Bill