Call Me by Your Name film

The "Call Me By Your Name" star's new look gave off a "Tiger King" vibe to some commenters.
Kravitz's post put Hammer in mind of a certain saucy moment in "Call Me By Your Name."
Despite the buzz, the "Hotel Mumbai" star doubted if a follow-up to the beloved gay drama would match the impact of the original.
Don't expect him or Timothée Chalamet to be landing any peach endorsements, though.
The "Call Me By Your Name" star talked about his Broadway debut and Donald Trump with Stephen Colbert.
"Call Me By Your Name" had appeared on the screening list for the April fest.
Luca Guadagnino promised "a new movie, a different tone" and another locale.
"There aren’t six people coming in and making you aware of the camera every two seconds.”