Callisto has already empowered survivors on college campuses, but people want to see it expand to Hollywood and tech.
I’m giving $1000 to Sexual Health Innovations (SHI). My donation will be quadrupled because of a donor who is generously
Once you start to think about the challenges that victims of sexual assault face when they try to get help, you may better understand why fewer than 10 percent of victims end up reporting the crimes. But a simple technology tool promises to make it easier to protect victims and end the culture of silence around sexual assault.
The University of San Francisco announced today it will become the first higher education institution to implement Callisto
The groups cite a concern that mandatory reporting would actually scare away victims who aren't ready to take their case
If planets are a dime a dozen, moons are less than a penny each. There are at least 139 moons just within our own solar system
Torsten Krol's Callisto was the single best fictional expose of homeland paranoia in America in the age of terrorism. The Dolphin People -- has even larger fish to fry.
Novelists didn't have to think much in the way of plot. 9/11 happened before, during, or after, to change everything (as Bush and Ashcroft had it, the world changed, nothing was the same after 9/11).
Anis Shivani picks his top 10 books for 2009.