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Burning calories without doing anything resembling a workout sounds like a phony infomercial promise. But according to what we found in the Compendium of Physical Activities, it's possible. Here's how.
Good fat, bad fat? It might only matter if you chill out.
When your goal is to slim down, you've got to know what will get you there.
By Kathryn Doyle (Reuters Health) - In a small new study, volunteers who were shown chocolate and sports drinks after an
What this study seems to say is that if your exercise of choice is walking, it has to be more than a stroll around the block if substantial health benefits are to be achieved.
While it still may not feel like spring, winter has, at least officially, come and gone. We're hoping for warmer weather
When the temperature dips below freezing and the snow starts to fall, it's tempting to spend a lazy Saturday or Sunday (or
Case in point: In the most calorie-burning of sports, Olympians can burn 15 to 20 calories a minute, Mayo Clinic researcher