There was also a time when you got to perform at the Grand Old Opry of all places. How did it feel being able to go there
President, American College of Lifestyle Medicine In our own work, colleagues and I showed that it was possible to reduce
Jordan Laubaugh, Rosie Reed and Lindsay Roth reveal the ways in which camming is revolutionizing the porn industry.
Even Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health, "has been supportive to the fact that we are dealing
In my case 15 years ago, I wanted to be a better father and raise a healthy son. This motivation empowered me to make a lifestyle change that ended up transforming my life for the better.
After years of frustration churning through this system myself, unable to help patients get truly better, I left the world of conventional medicine and entered that of integrative medicine, which draws from the best of conventional, complementary, and alternative modalities of healing. My own journey led me beyond integrative medicine and into a realm I call "slow medicine."
Integrative Medicine is not an invitation to supplant evidence with wishful thinking. It is an invitation to a wider array of treatment options, and the prospect of effectively addressing patient need more of the time. Realizing such potential benefits -- at the Cleveland Clinic, or anywhere else -- requires both open mindedness and careful skepticism.
The new law continues the movement to bring emerging professions such as naturopathic medicine into the medical mainstream
Many people have come to prefer different language to describe their religious beliefs and practices. This is because the word "religion" has accumulated negative connotations.
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