Cambridge Analytica

Federal regulators will also institute new oversight and restrictions on the business.
The social media giant is facing a multibillion-dollar fine over its role in the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.
The tech giant has been criticized for improperly handling consumer data, and lawmakers want more than money.
Company executives, particularly Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, have not exactly been forthcoming about the many controversies of 2018.
Rebekah Mercer and her father, Robert Mercer, have also supported Steve Bannon, Breitbart and Cambridge Analytica.
"There is a danger of concentration," said Tim Berners-Lee, a London-born computer scientist who invented the Web in 1989.
The fine could herald more punitive action against the social media giant.
All that criticism hasn't hurt his bottom line, according to rankings by Bloomberg.
A failed startup suggested that Facebook mounted what could be described as mass surveillance.
The firm at the center of the Facebook data hack made the decision after suffering a sharp drop in business.
“We’re seeing a resegregation of society that’s catalyzed by algorithms,” Wylie said Wednesday.
News of the investigation comes two months after the company was accused of harvesting 87 million Facebook users’ personal data.
Rohit Chopra, a Trump appointee to the Federal Trade Commission, took a not-so-subtle jab at the tech giant.
The investigation was launched in response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
The action could pave way for millions of Facebook users to go after the Trump-linked firm.
The political research firm said it has been the subject of “numerous unfounded accusations.”
Aleksandr Kogan said he assumed people were aware that their data was being taken, but just didn't care.
Trump vilified Muslims the same way Hitler vilified Jews, Nigel Oakes said.
Technology changes, but the deliberate marginalization of racial minorities stays the same.
We must make it much harder for foreign entities to use Facebook and other platforms to tamper with American elections.