Tourists in Jordan can now stay in a desert tent hotel inspired by the movie ‘The Martian’
Kenya’s increasingly severe dry spells are putting pressure on the country’s cow and goat farmers. But a project in Isiolo
There's a vast square with a huge gold-domed presidential palace and blue-domed parliament, and oodles of other domed buildings
As for the stay-at-home in North America, its last descendant disappeared along with the American horse, massive short-faced
I can't even begin to tell you how comforting it is to have someone waiting for you on the other end.
This is the hardest place for non-Muslim travelers to visit in the world. I spent 16 years, and 1000 cups of tea, trying to set foot here. It is worth the wait.
These are my photographs. At Sunset Near Dechu Hindu Temples, Jaisalmer Taken at Sunrise in Robetgarh All photographs by
Camels are the primary host for Middle East respiratory syndrome.
Morocco will easily become one of your favorite trips simply because it's so different from most other destinations. You don't want to miss out on the incredible culture, impressive landscapes and that amazing desert sky!
The mysterious, mostly disappeared world of LIFE magazine is all still there: Staffers hacking at typewriters, beefing about the managing editor, draining double Scotches and martinis before lunch. At least in my mind it's still there.
When I recently visited Bahrain, the TSA agent reviewing my passport looked at me curiously and asked me, "Why did you visit Bahrain?" Simple answer: The Kingdom of Bahrain is a great extension to a Dubai or an Abu Dhabi trip. The flights are inexpensive and under an hour.
In the eager pool of morning light there rises The Rock. It is perhaps the most iconic symbol of the implacable indifferences of inhospitable landscapes, its dimensions timeless, unsummarized. And I want to climb it.
If you've never seen a laughing camel before, just press play on the video above, and behold. Watch the camel respond to
When you travel, it is important to time and adapt your itinerary to light and place, emphasizing more on the right kind of photography in a specific place at the right time of day than on simply layering photography as a pastime over a standard tour.
North America has beavers. Europe and Asia have beavers. Britain should have them too, but we killed the last one a few centuries ago. But now they have turned up on a river in southern England. No one knows how they got there, but the official reaction is that they must be captured.
23. In the U.S., "resting" means taking a short break from your iPhone. In Israel, it means waking up at noon, eating, napping
It was just supposed to be a fun event, not tied to anything besides which day of the week it was, all put on by the Residence