Tamron has just introduced a much awaited 70-200mm F2.8 VC bringing new technology to this very popular focal length. Some
The new FE 85mm F1.8 Mid-Telephoto Prime Lens will ship this March for about $600 US and $800 CA. The new 85mm F1.8 mid-telephoto
The Sony a6500 is a faster and more stable version of the Sony A6300 with probably the best image quality and features of
Then you have TRNDLabs, which has developed the SKEYE Nano 2 FPV Drone - the world's smallest camera drone. At just 4 cm
The Best and Worst Cameras of 2016 with Max Yuryev and a full look at the gear we use. There have been some awesome cameras
Video When it comes to a basic point and shoot, the Sony is still leading the way. With great quality and ease of shooting
Acer 24" IPS 1080p Monitor - $90 Getting any 24" monitor for under $100 is a deal but an IPS dislplay with great colors and
There are tons of deals this Black Friday but just because you see an advertisement doesn't mean you should be emptying your
Nikon D3400 - $499 B&H Photo | Amazon A great alternative to the Canon T6 with slightly better image quality for photos with
Think about the last thing you watched on TV - was it all shot from one camera angle? Of course not. Even the most interesting
Body cameras don’t tell the whole story of an interaction with police, he said, and can embarrass victims or hurt the reputations
At a very young age Sami got the camera bug and began shooting photos of everything she saw. Many photos were really creative and she was way ahead of her time. Photos of fashion and friends were her forte at the time. She would bring friends over and dress them up and shoot various looks and styles. For her this was practical application and the best way to learn.
©Violeta Ayala #manif15sept Thousands of protestors that ranged in ages and races and included children in prams walked towards
There is no shortage of advice for up and coming filmmakers. The question for any new film producer is: which advice to follow?
Another purpose for this filter is to simply shade the image to slow the shutter speed. This comes in handy when photographing
With Christmas still a warm memory, I cannot help but hearkon back to the Christmases of my youth. The most exciting, most prized gift any kid could get in those days was the iconic yellow box that bore the tag "Open Me First."
This may seem like the most obvious advice you've ever read. But for some strange reason, a lot of beginners believe that everything revolves around the equipment they have. Nothing is further from the truth.
"I gifted someone Dr. Seuss', "Oh, The Places You'll Go." She brings it anywhere she goes and let the people/strangers/someone
Person 2: Yes. No. Leica is a luxury brand (and arguably a camera company) which manufactures very good, but certainly not
The rapid explosion of cell phones, YouTube and Twitter has increased public awareness of police misconduct toward black citizens. As a result, white attitudes are changing and protests led by black activists are accelerating. This may be a moment in our history when real reform is possible.