cami anderson

"Conditions on the ground have not improved. They've gotten worse."
"Superintendent Anderson has worked tirelessly over the last four years to implement a bold educational vision for the students
The state of New Jersey is in charge and the ball is in Governor Christie's court, to act on student demands that Cami Anderson be replaced; and that school district disruption cease.
When Mayor Ras Baraka joined a student protest on Newark's main drag last Wednesday, it was if New Jersey media had collectively decided they were going to silence the dissenting voices of Newark.
Reformers act as if they believe that teaching is something you do in your twenties when you are idealistic and want to "give something back" -- and then you move on to a "real career" in some other sector.
It may be back to business as usual in the Superintendent's office in Newark as Cami Anderson continues to push changes and incompetent management upon the children and families of the city and ducks her legal and ethical responsibilities to meet with them. However, in one very important way, business cannot return to usual.
UPDATE: 4:02 p.m. -- Later Friday afternoon, students announced that they would be ending the sit-in at 5:30 p.m. The students
Despite efforts to silence and outspend dissent, in city after city, in town after town, New Jersey students, parents and teachers are fighting for their public schools.
It is no comfort to the families of Newark that they were less the victims of a conspiracy against them, but of an unconscionable
Under the One Newark plan, as in previous years, the district will provide bus tickets to K-8 students attending schools