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Christie and Baraka will issue a statement outlining future plans for the district in coming days, says the press release
The protest to preserve the history curriculum is important for many reasons. If the so-called education reformers are not careful, they may bring on that catastrophe by toppling the only remaining institution dedicated to reinforcing civic values -- public education.
The "One Newark" plan, announced at the end of last year by state-appointed Superintendent Cami Anderson, calls for the relocation
Several New Jersey teens seeking to oust state-appointed Newark Superintendent Cami Anderson are planning to take further
“Throughout Newark's history, Newark's Clergy has always been at the forefront of issues affecting the well being of Newark's
Also in January, several senators sponsored a bill that would force the state to relinquish control of local school districts
Persisting to demand equity was one of the hardest things I have ever worked with a group of people to accomplish. And I learned some tough lessons.
“I always fought to have a positive working environment with Cami Anderson,” Jeffries told The Huffington Post over the phone
Anderson, who is white, alluded to the verbal attacks in a Tuesday press release: “I am an educator who believes that we
In early February, the ELC filed a lawsuit against the state DOE for failing to ensure that Newark and 30 other school districts
Chris Christie Touts Cami Anderson's Approach To Education Reform
Earlier this month, Anderson came under particular scrutiny after five Newark principals, who had criticized the "One Newark