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"Superintendent Anderson has worked tirelessly over the last four years to implement a bold educational vision for the students
The protest to preserve the history curriculum is important for many reasons. If the so-called education reformers are not careful, they may bring on that catastrophe by toppling the only remaining institution dedicated to reinforcing civic values -- public education.
Slightly more than half of Newark's residents are black, according to U.S. Census results. The investigation began this month
After the meeting, the Newark School District released a statement saying that “Superintendent Anderson and district staff
Baraka says the era of "cult worship" in Newark is over, a reference to the popular Booker, who left the mayor's office to
The clergy statement does not explicitly take a stance on charter schools, although it says the "primary responsibility of
"Families are voting with their feet in search of excellent schools. When they choose non-NPS options, money follows the
“Our superintendent unfortunately has … run roughshod over our community's fundamental interests," mayoral candidate Shavar
“Based on the precision with which you and senior staff abandoned the meeting, it was obvious that you planned to walk out
In early February, the ELC filed a lawsuit against the state DOE for failing to ensure that Newark and 30 other school districts