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We've missed an opportunity for a discussion on the broader issue -- violence against college women, part of an age group which is the most vulnerable.
Alexia Parks is a science journalist and an expert on the new science of the woman's brain. Guaranteed! It's not that women
Are we witnessing a new epoch of exceptionally bright and gifted directors, writers, and actors infusing pop culture with winks to high culture or possibly converging the two?
The latest bizarre college mini-trend involves female students at schools across the country showing off their cleavage and their school pride in hopes of good luck. We are joined by Will McGuinness, Ken Soap, Katrin Marquez, Patrick Gauding, Sabrina Vourvoulias and Shuwaski Young.
It’s all about who’s in the driver’s seat, and in the case of #kuboobs, it’s the ladies all the way. #kuboobs has emerged
Any taxpayers not yet fully aware of the level of frivolity and debasement to which art has plummeted need look no further
October is LGBT History Month, and we're celebrating with our party hats on. Especially since today is National Coming Out
When you read the books, which are all, apart from the one that's coming out in October, big and fat and packed with references to art, and culture, and philosophy, and religion, and written in prose that makes it all seem urgent, you can't just dismiss her as a maverick.
What Camille Paglia's scathing article on Lady Gaga does well is illustrate a generational divide. Paglia may be consumed with sex and/or signs of its waning, but Gaga's over the whole thing.
Camille Paglia has published a long piece in which she articulates her dislike for Lady Gaga. Paglia is an entertaining and brilliant cultural critic, but she has a habit of throwing out too many ideas and references and in the end securely grasping only a few.