"That's the true power of the Camorra, the ability to hide in silence and affect everyday life."
WASHINGTON, Aug 1 (Reuters) - The United States on Wednesday took steps to freeze the U.S. assets of five key members of
Prosecutors accuse D'Alterio of building up further ties with the Neopolitan mafia, known as the Camorra, which is notorious
In a huge anti-mafia bust, 16 judges have been arrested near Naples, Italy, according to the BBC, for allegedly being in
A view of an exhibition at Casoria Contemporary Art Museum / Courtesy Casoria Contemporary Art Museum He has requested aid
What Berlusconi doesn't understand, or maybe he's just pretending to not understand, is that the only way to fight mafia efficiently is to let people know about it.
For months now, Campania has been suffocating under heaps of uncollected garbage shipped from economically sound northern Italian regions to the much poorer south.