This little guy is giving Harry Houdini a run for his money.
Until now. But new research conducted at the University of Geneva in Switzerland suggests that this isn't quite right. When
The flavor is officially called First Class Camouflage, and it's the brands November Flavor of the Month. (h/t Laughing Squid
Not so long ago, one of my photo-pals found a pink grasshopper. To be very honest: his special find made me a little bit jealous.After all it is just about the closest thing to a pink elephant!
Oh, Youth...When everything we tried on fit perfectly and going shopping was easy and fun...When clothes were measured by how much of our lithe young bodies we can show off to the world, or at least to the ogling eyes of the male species: Strapless tops, shorts, mini skirts, plunging necklines, armless dresses.
All the mantis has to do is wait for prey to approach her attractive pink and white body before going for the kill. Via Laughing
Think about how much $5 billion could buy in education and re-integration and counseling and all the other things our returning soldiers need. Nobody is going to care who looked cooler than whom in Iraq and Afghanistan - or Vietnam for that matter.
That explains the amount of greasy goop Liu applies onto his face and hands before they're painted to match carefully chosen
As a long row of camouflage-clad U.S. soldiers lined the courtroom wall, lawyers for the five September 11 defendants argued this morning that their clients should also be allowed to wear camouflage or other military-style clothing in the courtroom if they wanted to.